Power of words


Courage, Victory, Mastery, Support, Celebration… words have their own power of magnetism and magic. They have their own identity. When you begin to use dynamic words, you become empowered. With the help of this knowledge you can create your own destiny by using right words at the right place with right person at right time.

When you use negative words, you are indirectly creating that negative environment. A person who always speaks negative words is never liked in the long run. When you use wrong words, you are affecting your life in a negative way. Grief, sorrow, poor, hard, can’t, these are all the examples of negative words.

Make it a habit to use right words that create a positive impact. When you use right word you indirectly take control over your mind. When you become in charge of your mind, it helps you in getting the things that you want. Just go ahead to speak positive words, as You are the captain of your soul.