LUCK is Believing You're Lucky

luck- is- believing-you're-Lucky

Fortune favors the brave. This is a perfect statement. But at the same time fortune also favors the person who believes in it. When a person says I do not believe in luck, he or she is affecting the success potential. Fortune is a magical a belief that attracts luck.

We are lucky that we exist as human beings. We are lucky that we are there to experience the advance 21st Century. We are lucky that we can create our life and shape our destiny through the choice of our thoughts and emotions. We are lucky in many aspects.

Again I would like to repeat the thought mentioned earlier. Belief creates actual fact. So a particular belief has the power in itself to create the fact of that belief. So believing in luck is activating the power of luck to enable success in a speedier way. When you believe you are lucky, you attract magical success.