Life is a composition of harmonious relations

Life-is-a-composition-of- harmonious-relations

Change in inevitable and variety is the spice of life. Every bonding exists through creative variation in life. Relations play a magical role and when there is strong bonding among people, there is harmony in the world. Love is the greatest factor and with affection people come together for betterment.

When we have a beautiful mind, things appear to be beautiful too and situations are there for support. Relationship building is a continuous process. Effectiveness in relations springs from mutual agreement. Sometimes we have to make tough decisions. For that reason the mind needs that toughness and openness to other people’s views.

Every day we meet minimum 25 people. Our success and mind development depends mainly on harmonious relations. When we become resilient change never affects and we become more adaptable. So Relations and change make a great impact in bringing out the magic in our mind. Life is a composition of harmonious relations.