Impact of Different Mediums

impact of different medium

Day and night we are being programmed through different sources. Our five senses play a vital role in accepting or receiving those programming features. The pictures we see, the smell, the music, the information everything affects our mind every moment. When we are not aware of this programming, unwanted things affect our life in a negative way.

We have the choice to be receptive to the positive input coming from the surroundings. Positive thoughts, information and conversations which include positive beliefs make a stronger positive impact. Unknowingly negative things have a stronger negative impact. Remember, whatever you focus on grows.

Consciously with stronger awareness be open to the entire positive that comes from around. Whatever you allow to program in your mind will have the same results and outcomes. Always sing and listen to positive songs. If one allows oneself to get drowned into the negative, nothing in this world can save that person.