Everything happens for GOOD

Everything-happens- for-good

When we say good morning, we expect better conditions in life of others at more advance levels. It reciprocates. If you see the situation in totality, it is always for the good. Most of the time, it is for the good in future. So be aware that everything happens for good.

Positive expectations lead to happiness. Happiness springs from looking at the better side of everything. Negative emotions should never be allowed to dominate our mind. Most of the time, they should be transmuted. Looking for good in everything is a self discipline which becomes a beneficial habit.

The world is full of joy. Peace is inside. A satisfied mind leads generations. Existence as human being is full of choices. The best choice is the awareness of the thought that everything happens for good. Live life to the fullest and develop a beautiful mind. When you be good and do good, you will tell the world that “Everything happens for good”.